Thursday, August 30

Mariners Game with Grammy and Grandpa 2016

July 2016

I don't think this was his first game but we did everything like it was his first. 
If I am not mistaken, I think this was his second game.
We got him a certificate and a picture with Mariner Moose. 

He ended up going many more times while we lived in Seattle and it will be so fun when we can all go back to Safeco again someday.
 I winked at one of the coaches on the field and he threw me this ball and then I ran over and waited for one of the players to sign it for us! 

Blackberry picking in Seattle

I never want to forget that we loved picking blackberries in Seattle. 
There were a ton of bushes right outside our apartment in Blakeley. 
Actually, they tried to cut them down one year and I ran out and said, "Stop cutting these down, it is our favorite to come out and pick them." 
I was a little too late and he had already cut half of them down. It was so sad. 
We also loved to pick them on the Burke Gillman Trail on our morning walks. 

I loved making blackberry cobbler with them! 

Rexburg 4th of July/Reunion 2016

I think this reunion everyone made it except Hannah because she was on a mission. We always have fun being together. It is always pure chaos but its the best. 

Seaside Hendricks Reunion 2016

We got to Seaside first and had some time to kill.
So Kasey and Ezra walked down to the water 
(I was still recuperating from the half. I messed up my foot and couldn't walk normal for a few days)
We didn't know how much Ez was going to enjoy the beach and playing in the water. 
He got soaked and had the time of his life. 
I think we bathed him 2 or 3 times a day during this vacation because of all the sand.

He loved flying the kites.
Playing baseball on the beach.
Being with "Buttin" grandpa at all times.
We loved playing Fascinations.
We took Ezra to a movie for the first time ever, Finding Dory.
Kasey ended up leaving with him after about 20 minutes and walking 3 miles back to the hotel room. 

We always look forward to going back to Seaside, Oregon. 

Fathers Day 2016

I don't remember much from this day, but I have pictures from it.
I probably made him his favorite meal.
He and Ez probably watched golf together.
And, as always he is the best dad and we love him so much.
Yup. They watched golf. I did not know I snapped this picture. Glad I did. 
Kasey always said that was all he wanted to do for Father's Day was watch this gold tournament with Ezra. This was the first year they did. 

Rock N Roll Half 2016

My second half marathon, almost 4 years after my first. 
A few of my girlfriends and I signed up together and ran all over downtown Seattle. 
I will probably wait another 4 years before I do another one. 
I beat my PR, which wasn't amazing, but I shaved 5 minutes off. I did it in 2hrs and 15 minutes this time. Next time I will shoot for 2hrs 14 minutes. ha

Funny fact. 
Without my knowing my dad trained and ran a half marathon on his treadmill the same day.
It was fun to have his support in that way. 

Memorial Day Yakima 2016

It was such a fun memorial day. All of the Karl Hendricks clan made it and we had a blast!

 the brothers