Tuesday, July 24


October 27 2017
The day we got the positive.

Getting pregnant this time around was almost the exact same experience I had with Ezra.
Well, there were some differences, but I still had to go through the whole IVF process.
Egg retrieval and all. 
But, this time, I knew what to expect, and I really liked my doctor.
Not that I didn't like the doctor I had with Ezra, but I just had a better, more positive experience this time around.

Also, this time they were able to get 13 embryos vs. the 4 last time.
So we have 11 embryos frozen, for our future children. 
Not that we will have 11. 
Remove a 1 from 11 and thats more like it. Haha
Okay, maaaaybe 2 more. 

I was with my mom (in law) and it was her birthday the day I found out. I remember we were trying to take my mind off the looming phone call hanging over my head so we went to Hobby Lobby and to lunch. The phone call finally came with wonderful news, "you are pregnant!"

I had cheated and taken an at home test and it was positive so I was pretty hopeful for good news but feared a false positive. I am not even sure if one can get a false positive, but of course my mind would go there. 

We were over the moon excited with the news and got the due date of July 5, 2018...as long as it wasn't twins. 

We put two embryos in and e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e (nurses, doctors, Kasey) 
was sure I was going to have twins. 

I have a vivid memory of walking out of the room after they did the transfer.
Kasey was with me and all over the halls walls of the office were pictures of babies, but all I could see were multiples... twins and triplets. Kasey and I stopped and laughed. We turned to each other and asked, "what did we just do?" Haha, I don't even think there were singleton baby pictures on those hallway walls. 

Well, a few weeks later, the ultrasound confirmed my intuition, one baby! 
Such a relief! This marks the second time doing IVF and putting 2 embryos in to get only one baby.
Heavenly Father knows me well, one at a time will do. 

I did not start getting sick until week 8 which made me think it could be a girl, because with Ezra, I was throwing up by week 5. But people always say it is different for everyone. So I hoped it was a girl but didn't want to start thinking it was a girl. I was happy either way, just wanted a sweet baby to join our family. 

I took diclegis (nausea medicine) this time around and it worked miracles. I don't think I threw up until around 13 weeks and it was because I had a sinus infection and all that phlegm made me gaggy.
I did end up throwing up a handful more and took the medicine until about 23 weeks but overall a much easier pregnancy. 

(I can say this in hindsight since I am not pregnant anymore, and just playing catch up)

Back At It

I have not logged into blogger in far too long.
Since Ezra was 16 months old.
He is now 46 months old.
Ha (3 years 10 months-- almost 4! Insert panic, heartbroken face.)

This is me trying to get "back at it" and blog our families life again.
I'm realizing that time is a thief and my kids are going to grow up in the blink of an eye, so I want all the little details to be written and remembered.

Oh how life changes. Speaking of, "Life Changes" by Thomas Rhett is my favorite song right now. These pictures taken the day after Lenora was born. Our new beautiful life.

17 month old Ezra Jay

I think this is my favorite age, gear up for me saying that for a while. He is just so fun. I love being a mommy.

Things he is doing/saying these days.
-I am mommy
-Kasey is mommy dad
-The other day we were watching a video of him and I was copying what he was doing in the video. He was so overcome with love for me (we were giggling) that he grabbed my face, with both hands, and kissed me right on the lips. Multiple times. I never want to forget this, it was probably my favorite parenting moment to date.
-When I warm his milk before bed he comes in and says three three three because we usually count down "3-2-1-beep"
-Once microwave beeps he runs and lays down. He knows the drill, diaper change and jammies.
-We talk about using "listening ears" a lot these days, and he is actually getting very good and listening to my requests. For example, we went to the zoo recently and around lunch time I showed him his sandwich and said, "If you want to eat this you have to sit in the stroller" he walked right to the stroller and waited for me to put him in, and there were no complaints. I love that the communication between us is on point, most of the time.
-Knocks on peoples doors. We have 3 fun parks right in our little housing community and when we are outside he chooses to go up to peoples doors and knock. He waits for them to answer and then tries to invite himself in or says hi and goes on to the next door. He is a friendly social boy.
-The way he smells my flowers on the table is dreamy. A big sniff with a big exhale. He is a sponge and copies everything we do.