Wednesday, February 3

Kasey turns 28

Every year Kasey says he doesn't want anyone to know it is his birthday and every year I surprise him with something. He says he doesn't like it and then I feel bad and then we talk it over and then maybe he likes it a little in the end. I told him this time around, he better get used to it because I am not going to stop doing it.

I did refrain from inviting people over for dessert but I did try and round up some guys to meet him at the driving range to golf with him and his new clubs!

On his birthday he went to the driving range twice (Ezra and I tagged along on one of the trips) and we went to his favorite restaurant that we go to exactly once a year, Red Robin (yuuuuuuuuck).  We ended the night with my aunt coming over and sharing some pumpkin cake. We didn't even sing nor was a candle in sight. That shall change come next year, he deserves to be celebrated. He is the best guy around and that is cause for a celebration. Get ready for it my dear sweetie.

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