Wednesday, February 3

Ezzy 15 months

Ezra had his 15 month appointment when we got back from our vacationing in January. I tried to work it so that Kasey could come with me because I knew these shots were going to be terrible. But in the end I had to go by myself and he did better than I expected. He cried but nothing too long or too hard.

My Dr. is so great and he always gives me parenting advice. This time it was all about tantrums and "time-outs" and "time-ins". We usually listen to his advice and in the end it works for us.

Ezzy stats--
Height: 75th
Weight: 50th
Head: "Its like an orange on a toothpick", still huge 95th

He is sleeping great.
1 nap a day usually from 12-3
sleeping at night 7-6 or 7

He is a great eater and a huge goofball. He makes us laugh so much these days! Love my 15 month old.
Can you tell he loves to ride on anything? Bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. 
 First time sitting at the big Costco table all by himself. Made him look so big!
Went down the slide on his belly and bonked his head at the bottom. He was smiling the second after this picture, but I was happy to have captured this to send to dad at school. 


  1. Dan does naked pull ups too. It's awkward when people are over.
    And is that a play group at your church??? Amazingness!

    1. HAHA oh you're funny. No this is at a local community center, its only a couple bucks to get in and its every friday! A lot of girls from my ward go, and the kids just run around and play play play. It is sooo fun.