Monday, February 15

Ez man 16 months

I didn't think it could get any better with him, but it just continues to get better. He is in a stage right now of babbling all the time. Sometimes it is understandable and sometimes not. But he understands us completely, I'm think.

The other day I told him to go get his trains from his play room and he came out with "The Little Engine That Could". A huge train on the front.

He can consistently find any book we ask him to get. Such as "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?" That is a favorite for sure.

His tongue is out constantly. I hope I have a picture.

Started doing time-outs. They usually last 10 seconds. Then I make him look in my eyes and we go over what we are not supposed to do ie touch my candles, put hand in toilet, unroll tp, hit baseball bat on the wall... I could keep going. I love this age though, really, it amazes me just how much he learns each day.

Started going to nursery first Sunday we got back in January. We stay with him the first hour and then he is on his own the second hour.

Has been experiencing separation anxiety while at the gym or nursery or when I walk out of the room. Getting better after one week of it being pretty bad.

Some cute words/things he has recently started saying/doing:

Off (sounds like othssss)
Animal sounds (cat, cow, monkey, lion, dog, duck)
Dances his little heart out--mostly with dad (in video below)
Playing for much longer time on his own
Walks up the stairs, with his hand on the wall (about gives me a heart attack every time)
Says "there he is" (sounds like dai-he-iiiiii) when we play peek a boo
Above ^ eats a lime and then hams it up
Loves to give me 7am wake up calls ^ above
Stand at the table and plays with play-doh (I finally caved and got it for him, and it has actually been more helpful for me because I can get a lot done while he is entertained)
Loves to watch dad fly the quad-copter
Copies almost anything we do (today I was taking nails out of the wall and when I was done he took the hammer and crawled on the couch....and then dad took the hammer away before we could watch his attempt)
Officially done with a bottle. We took it away a week and a half ago and he did not even care. Binky and bottle free by 16 1/2 months. Feels good!

We love this baby so much (he will always be my baby even though he is definitely a toddler now). I cut off his curly locks today and almost cried, but he looks so cute, so I guess it is okay. 
Love you Jay boy. 

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