Wednesday, February 3

Bye-Bye Binky

January 24th was a good day this year. It is my best friends birthday and also the day we took Ezra's binky away for the first time ever. I thought it was going to be the hardest thing to happen to all of our lives, surprisingly it wasn't.

The night before we decided to take it away he was awake for 2 hours off an on because he would lose it or throw it out of his crib and cry for it. He kept Kasey up most of that 2 hours and so it was his idea to take it away. The next morning Kase rounded them all up and hid them. At nap time we talked about cuddling with his blanket and then laid him down and he fell asleep like normal and slept longer than he ever has. He hasn't cried once for it and has been sleeping (dare I say) better than ever before.

I can not believe how swell it went. I guess cold turkey for him was the way to go. It has now been a week and three days and he is going strong. We are done for good. Bye-bye binks and bye-bye to my baby. I feel like that was the last thing holding onto his babyhood.

Picture has nothing to do with anything beside to show off his cute face, and a tiger.

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