Sunday, November 15

2015 Halloween-Sandlot Style

Halloween was a rainy one here in Seattle, but that didn't stop us from getting out and having fun and it made our traditional chili the perfect meal. We went to our stake Trunk or Treat in the morning and then we went to the shopping center right behind our house that night.

Kasey's all time favorite movie is The Sandlot. Seriously he can quote nearly the entire movie dare I say literally the entire movie? I have wanted to dress up as characters from this movie for a long time and I am so glad we waited until we had Ezra because he was the perfect finishing touch. The Beast. He was the cutest Beast I have ever seen. His outfit was perfect for the cold rainy weather and he had a blast.

We found out he loves candy and he now knows what is inside of the wrappers. We are in trouble. He had so much fun dumping his candy and putting it all bag in the bag after we got home from trick or treating, he honestly did that for a solid 15 minutes. I was shocked. So the next day when we were trying to play different games I grabbed the candy bag to let him play with it again and he just kept bringing me candy to open for him and if I didn't he would just start biting it and trying to open it on his own. Kasey said (as we were cleaning it up) "clean up clean up won't see you till next year, clean up clean up say goodbye till next year". I think it is the dentist dad in him....

Happy Halloween love,

Squints Palledorous
Wendy Peffercorn
The Beast

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