Tuesday, September 8

Sick boy

Labor Day weekend will be memorable in new ways this year. It was the first time Ezra was sick and the first time we had to take him into the ER (since the urgent care were closed). It is so hard to see your baby completely different than they normally are. He still wants to play but doesn't have the energy so he will just lay around on us--which never ever ever (do you believe me yet?) happens. I am getting a lot more cuddles and he fell asleep in my arms twice over the weekend.

Sunday I noticed that his breathing was really labored and I was really concerned. We tried other things before taking him into the Dr (oils, humidifier, steamy bathroom, and sucking his nose). At bedtime he wasn't getting better so I just said, we are going in. The urgent care had closed 30 minutes earlier so we had to go to the hospital.

We got to the ER and the waiting room was packed. I was worried that it would take forever. After getting checked in we started walking to sit down and they called us back and then in another snap we had a room. I think they were just as concerned about his breathing as I was. We had to do 2 albuterol treatments (he screamed through both of them and even got his name band off of his ankle) and a lot of waiting in between. We were there for about 2.5 hours and my baby was sooooo tired and sick and sick of being tired. It was the hardest night I have ever had with him by far. He has always been consolable and never cries longer than like 10 seconds, so this was a shock to us. It stressed us both out and I became a big giant mama bear and tried to break us out of the hospital. Then he fell asleep and we calmed down and we stayed to hear what the Dr. had to say.
They checked him for RSV and he didn't have it, and the breathing treatments helped his wheezing stop. So the Dr. said that he could give him a steroid shot or we could just leave and do a check-up with our pediatrician when we got home (we were in Yakima). Clearly we chose the second option since he had been asleep for 30 minutes.

We did not take him in to the Dr. today (Tuesday) because he is doing much better. Still has the cough but that is expected to be around for at least a week. Breathing is perfect and still no fever.

I finally decided I could take him outside later this afternoon and then he got hurt. Chipped his upper right middle tooth (very slightly) and has a cut on his bottom frenum and a little scratch on the skin of his chin. Poor buddy can't catch a break. He handled it so well. It was a dump truck down the slide by a neighbor boy to Ezra's face at the bottom of the slide. I felt like the worst mom, I almost cried. No more standing at the base of slides for him. Hashtag:momguilt. He is doing great now, he is so tough. He will probably have to comfort me when he gets hurt as he gets older... oh boy.

*Said neighborhood boy brought over sorry cards, otter pops (for ez), and brownies (for mom) to apologize. Too cute and sweet. Now off to consume that brownie--it's been a rough couple of days.


  1. Every time my kids have been sick, I always think about how much I would do anything to take their pain away! It always puts in perspective how much our Savior did for us, and that he loves us. And no need to have mom guilt....It makes both you and Ez stronger! :) even though that dump truck would have been flying had it hit my kids haha! My Mama bear fight is f'real ha!

    1. Thanks Mel. I laid in bed thinking of just that exact thing last night, how much the Savior loves us and is so sad when we are hurt in any way. This mom business is for real, so many emotions on a daily basis with the end result always being a ridiculous amount of love for my lil guy.

  2. Poor Ez! (and mommy). I hope he is on the upswing and things get better every day!