Wednesday, September 23


It came and went so fast. I was dreading the day and stressed over the day and then it came, aand everything went well. Now I have one-year-old and really not much has changed. He is still my baby and I will probably call him my 12 monther, so I can hold onto his babyhood as long as possible.

-He is getting bigger and bossier by the day, but he is still so much fun.
-He has officially learned how to crawl onto the couch via the rocking chair.
-Had his first cold.
-Insists on feeding himself (usually with a utensil) and doesn't appreciate when I break food into      small pieces. He wants the whole thing and wants to take his own bites.
-2 lower teeth 3 upper front teeth and randomly a molar! We found it a couple days ago.
-Slowly starting whole milk, isn't sold on it yet.
-Increasing vocabulary says [mom, dad, dog, please (ba), ball (ba), bottle (ba), hi, thank you, hot, all done (says "done" and signs it), more (signs it), uh-oh, papa]
-Doesn't have stranger danger, will go to anyone but gets scared and runs to me when kids chase him at the park with trucks...I don't blame him...they've run into him more than once. He knows whats up.
-Loves reading books and is starting to point things out such as: ball, apple, cow. Also has 3 favorites and I can read them to him in my sleep.
-Walks backwards, its hilarious.
-Starting to pick up on animal sounds, so far has the duck. When I ask him "what does a duck say" he says "quack quack" every time, no fail.
We were on a trip with 5 couples from college on Ezra's birthday so he had lots of friends helping celebrate his first year of life. It was a great day filled with food, friends, swimming, and fun. [Birthday post coming next]
We love our cheesy happy 1 year old. Kasey said it perfect, "His first year went by so fast yet it feels like he has been with us much longer than one year."

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