Wednesday, September 23

Sunriver 2015

It all started with a group text, the rest is history.

6 couples
7 kids
Endless games of mafia
Name game
Good food
Late (late) nights
Early mornings
Arranging marriages
Horse back riding
and thats a wrap.
It was such a great time and went too fast. We are already planing our 2017 trip. Missing everyone.

Happy 1st Birthday: The Party

Like I said, we were on a trip with friends on his actual birthday, so Ezzy had lots of friends to help sing and celebrate. I didn't do much for his birthday but what I did do I found on Pinterest, of course.

Kasey made the "happy birthday" sign for me. He is amazing, and has battle wounds to prove it
 (he used a razor blade to cut it all out).
I made the one sign--took 5 seconds, just a sharpie and some twine. 
Kasey definitely got the harder of the two jobs. 
I made him a special "smash cake" that he did not smash at all. In fact, he barely touched it. He very much disliked the frosting (which was homemade whip cream). We sang and he liked that (even clapped for himself) and then we lit the "1" candle and had a little sad moment where he touched the flame for like .001 seconds and cried and cried. It didn't blister but was slightly red and after that the frosting=flame in his mind. Soooo we tried a few minutes later and he loved the cupcake, unless the frosting touched him.
First birthdays have so much hype behind them and you want everything to go Pinterest perfect. Usually it doesn't but it becomes your babies own unique story and that is when it is perfect. I will always cherish that day and those surrounding us helping us celebrate, take pictures, help with set-up, and videoing. Thank you friends! It was a perfect day.

After the "incident" we moved the party outside to let the beautiful day help heal Ezzy's heart and finger. It helped and he started dancing and eating his cupcake. 

My baby on his last night as an 11 month old