Saturday, August 22

11 Months

Woah, his tenth month of life flew right by and now I have an 11 month old. This past month was an active one, learning new things and moving to a new home. Here are some things I will always want to remember about him before he turned 11 months.

-Started dancing! (I had been looking forward to this one.) He will grab one of our phones and just start bobbing his head, meaning he wants to listen to music and dance.

-Started clapping, it is so cute and fun to see him get excited when we clap for him and then in turn for him to clap for himself.
-We moved the beginning of August. It took him a few days to get used to the new place but he likes it sooo much now because we get outside more. There is a little park in our "backyard" and a trail that we go for walks on every morning. It leads right to campus and we walked and had lunch with Kasey this week. On a scale of 1-10 he likes being outside at an 11 (and even that is an understatement).

-We have a little tikes basketball hoop and he has gotten very great at going up to the hoop and barely being able to put the ball over his head to dunk the basketball. Sometimes it goes backwards, but he never gives up, always makes the basket before moving on. It is too fun to watch.
-I have noticed that he is very aware and understands what I say to him. I ask him questions and he says "ba" (which means many things like: please, yeah, ball, bottle) or he will nod his head. When I ask him to dance he starts bobbing his head, when I say "Where is your ball?" he starts looking for his ball, when I say can you clap...sure enough, he starts clapping and my most very favorite, when I ask for a kiss he turns his head to me and opens his mouth (usually his eyes are looking away from me). He is so aware of the world and it is beyond any of my dreams seeing him understand the world around him.
-Church is impossible these days. I keep thinking it can't get any worse than "this" and then it does. I wonder why we even go to church with children 9-18 months old. Holy cow its a work-out. See ya heels.

-He is completely done nursing (stopped around 10.5 months--was so sad but also he was becoming hard to tame while nursing so I was slightly more okay with is) and he now takes 4 bottles a day.

-Still taking 2 naps a day and the two of them equal out to be 3.5-4 hours. Sleeping 11 hours a night.
 When I called my mom this week on his "11 month birthday" I told her to pack her bags to be here for me to cry on her shoulder when my baby turns 1 next month. She reminded me that we are entering into some of the very funnest times oh his life. It is so true, because each day I watch him learn and grow and my heart, honestly, with no fail wants to burst. I love you Ez.