Sunday, July 26


I just spent an hour on Pinterest trying to get ideas for a first birthday party. Ezra isn't turning one soon though....... I am totally in denial. Someone at Target asked me how old he was today and I had to choke out the words "10 months", time is just flying by whether I like it or not. He is the joy and light of my life and every night I thank my Heavenly Father that he was sent to me, forever.

I still watch videos and look at pictures of him when he is asleep and then before Kasey and I head to bed we discuss how there couldn't possibly be a cuter happier child than Ezra. Classic parents.
Says: mama, dada, dog (sounds like dah), yeah, and uh-oh ( sounds like uhhu).

Form of transportation: strictly walking, since he learned to stand where he falls. No furniture or parent support needed. (Been walking since 9 1/2 months and shortly after figured he liked it better and learned to stand by himself when he trips or falls down).

Sleeping: 11-13 hours at night and takes 2 naps a day. Usually 1 1/2-2 hours each.

Eats: Pretty much only table food now. I usually try to squeeze in one puree a day but he will tire of that soon. The only thing he consistently won't eat is bananas; which is funny because he used to love eating them, he still loves them in foods. Maybe its that they are slimy when he tries to grab them and eat them. Nurses once a day (in the morning) and then has 3 bottles.
Loves: And I mean loves dogs, or really any animal. We got zoo passes and the first time he saw a zebra, he openly belly laughed. So funny. We will see how long it takes Ezra to convince his dad to get him a guess is by age 7 Ezzy wins. He also loves when I pretend to be a dog...I'm embarrassingly good at it.

He also still loves music but has yet to dance or clap. I am looking forward to those things in the near future.
LOVES wheels and keys. If I let him get down to walk at the zoo or grocery store, the first thing he goes for are the wheels on the stroller or cart. Yesterday at church he went and made friends with a man in a wheel chair. He was in heaven because the wheel was as big as him. You can often find him with one of his small cars spinning the wheel with his pointer finger. Usually entertains him during car trips to the store.
Talents: Started waving. Every time I put him down for a nap I say, "Say goodnight to your toys" and he waves goodnight to them. If I wait long enough before a nap he will come up to me waving, signaling that he wants to go down for a nap! Cutest thing ever.

He clicks his tongue. Usually a solid 5 minute game for us, going back and forth.

Does fishy face kisses. If I start making a kissing sound, he will do it back to me. We are working on "blowing" the kiss.
Climbs up on our baseboard heaters and looks out the window. He will walk into his room and pull on the blinds until I pull them up and out of his way so he can stand up and look out.

He shares with us. While he is nursing or drinking a bottle he will try to put his binky in our mouths, sometimes it gets forceful, as in he gets offended if we don't take his gracious offering. I mean truly, it is one of his highest prized possessions.
He has such a good memory! Every time I open to door to go somewhere he will immediately start going "ahhh" because he knows our hallway echos. Or the moment I walk away he knows to follow me into the bathroom. Also, we play this game where I lay on the ground with my eyes closed and he will come up and touch me and he knows I will grab him and tickle him. Sometimes if I lay down and he doesn't want to play he will intentionally walk around me and not touch me, and other times he is laughing before he even touches me for the first time.

He really is just the happiest baby, yes he is still a baby even though he looks and acts more
toddler-ish these days. Even if he has missed a nap or is really tired, he can still be so happy. People are constantly telling me how happy he is, it is the truth. He is fun! We also always get comments on his blonde hair and big blue eyes. He is cute!

We love you Ezrus. And yes, you will always have a million nicknames (thanks cousin Jetta for this one).

*This photoshoot had to be while doing one of his favorite activities, rather than on our bed, because he is far to active these days--Below Ezzy asks, "Who me?"....Don't mind the dirty window with the cutest little hand prints I ever did see.

Monday, July 20

Rexburg Trip-- Summer 2015

We sure love our vacations, especially when it is to see family. During KDH's quarterly week break we went to Rexburg and spent time with my family. It was a blast, and this time around Ezzy slept through the night and took amazing naps. This one may be boring because I am only going to post pictures, or maybe it will be better than my rambling!

Ezra is so lucky to have so many amazing cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Thank you all for making our trip so fun!

^^Got to spend some much needed time with the Rad-est little family there ever was.