Monday, June 29

Ezra at the Lake

Ezra went boating for the first time, ever in his life, over Memorial Day weekend. He loved it, he didn't even mind the life jacket during every boat ride. When I say he loved it, I mean he literal loved the boat, could careless for the sand or the water (unless he was watching it from the boat). Maybe next time around he will enjoy it all but this time it was the boat and cruising on the boat.

 I'm sure I have said this before, but I trained Ezra to fall asleep on his own in his crib, so that means falling asleep in my arms, or any ones arms, is nearly impossible...unless he is way past bedtime/nap or has missed a nap.

Well, he fell asleep on the boat, twice. Once with Grandpa and the other time with me. It just lulled him right to sleep. He also fell asleep in my arms while nursing. I had to capture that moment on camera because I don't think that has happened since he was like 3 or 4 months old. The sun and fun really do wear ya out.

Kasey kept trying to pursuade me to let him wake board with him or to surf with him. I was not sure about it and then the second day out on the lake I was convinced. But as I handed him off I could tell Kasey didn't trust himself so then I was all nervous and instead we just snapped a picture. Maybe next time. The water was just so cold and I didn't want him to fall in and be so sad and have bad memories with the water. Plus surfing doesn't seem like the safest thing to try. But the next boating experience he will be closer to 1 and maybe my helicopter mom self will not be so scared.

We had a blast spending time with family, relaxing, playing card games, and going boating. Thanks for a great weekend Grammy and Grandpa!

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