Monday, June 29

Ezra 9 Month Dr. Visit

I always get a little anxious for Dr. appointments because I think that the shots will totally throw everything off. It was to my happiest surprise at his 9 month check-up when we didn't have to do any shots. Well one prick on his big toe to check iron levels, he didn't even flinch. He is my big tough guy. 
He seems to be staying on the same trend in height and weight. Tall and skinny. Well not skinny skinny just average. He has stayed between the 50-65% for weight and 70-95% for height.
This go around he was:
29'' tall (76%)
20 pounds (56%)
HUGE head as always (95%)
These days we get pretty bored in the house all day, and HOT, so we venture to the pool, the store, or just out for a walk. We are looking forward to moving closer to campus in a month and then we will be able to meet dad for lunch! We are loving life and enjoy watching Ezra learn and grow!

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