Monday, June 29

White Coat Ceremony

Kasey received his "White Coat" on Saturday and he compared the ceremony to a kindergarten graduation; not necessary but it makes them feel good and special. It was a fine ceremony, but maybe a touch, or so, of too much clapping (two rounds of applause per person--69 people received their white coat that day). 

Ezra did really well, considering he missed a full 2 hour nap. But we would do it again in a heartbeat to support our best friend/daddy. He works so hard and is so good at everything he does. We are grateful for him and his drive he has in all aspects of his life. Here is to the final two years of school!

Ezra at the Lake

Ezra went boating for the first time, ever in his life, over Memorial Day weekend. He loved it, he didn't even mind the life jacket during every boat ride. When I say he loved it, I mean he literal loved the boat, could careless for the sand or the water (unless he was watching it from the boat). Maybe next time around he will enjoy it all but this time it was the boat and cruising on the boat.

 I'm sure I have said this before, but I trained Ezra to fall asleep on his own in his crib, so that means falling asleep in my arms, or any ones arms, is nearly impossible...unless he is way past bedtime/nap or has missed a nap.

Well, he fell asleep on the boat, twice. Once with Grandpa and the other time with me. It just lulled him right to sleep. He also fell asleep in my arms while nursing. I had to capture that moment on camera because I don't think that has happened since he was like 3 or 4 months old. The sun and fun really do wear ya out.

Kasey kept trying to pursuade me to let him wake board with him or to surf with him. I was not sure about it and then the second day out on the lake I was convinced. But as I handed him off I could tell Kasey didn't trust himself so then I was all nervous and instead we just snapped a picture. Maybe next time. The water was just so cold and I didn't want him to fall in and be so sad and have bad memories with the water. Plus surfing doesn't seem like the safest thing to try. But the next boating experience he will be closer to 1 and maybe my helicopter mom self will not be so scared.

We had a blast spending time with family, relaxing, playing card games, and going boating. Thanks for a great weekend Grammy and Grandpa!

Ezra 9 Month Dr. Visit

I always get a little anxious for Dr. appointments because I think that the shots will totally throw everything off. It was to my happiest surprise at his 9 month check-up when we didn't have to do any shots. Well one prick on his big toe to check iron levels, he didn't even flinch. He is my big tough guy. 
He seems to be staying on the same trend in height and weight. Tall and skinny. Well not skinny skinny just average. He has stayed between the 50-65% for weight and 70-95% for height.
This go around he was:
29'' tall (76%)
20 pounds (56%)
HUGE head as always (95%)
These days we get pretty bored in the house all day, and HOT, so we venture to the pool, the store, or just out for a walk. We are looking forward to moving closer to campus in a month and then we will be able to meet dad for lunch! We are loving life and enjoy watching Ezra learn and grow!

Sunday, June 21

9 months

Has the month come that he has now been out as long as he was cooked?! I just can't even believe it. I find myself just looking at him in amazement, daily. Not only because of his perfection (all moms think like this, right?) but also seeing his little brain figure things out.
He is the funnest sidekick and loves his mama (loves to say mama all the day long too) but will go to pretty much anyone. I love that about him, he loves me the most and Kasey the other most, of course, but is so good at sharing the love. He really doesn't have any stranger danger, but he does get shy sometimes and tucks his head into my shoulder. 
 He is learning and growing and developing the very funnest personality. He loves to laugh at me and you can often catch us giggling at each other. He loves his sleep and is officially down to 2 naps a day, both are usually two hours or more. A couple weeks ago he started balancing while standing and took one rocky step. Then the day before he turned 9 months, while we were at Grammy and Grandpa's, he was balancing and took 3 steps. He is still my baby, how is he about to be walking? Oh it is a hard and proud thing for a mother heart to take in.
I think he is going through yet another growth spurt because he is eating like a teenage boy. I still nurse him but I have added in a bottle feeding a day to keep up with him. He is still eating food 3x a day with more and more table food at each feeding. He would probably love if I cut out pureed foods and just did real human food but for some reason it scares me, like I wouldn't be able to give him all the nutrients and variety he is getting now. I would really have to step up my game as a mom and healthy person, and I don't know if I am ready for that task. Any suggestions you momma's  have, send them my way puhhhlease! He now eats way too many things to continue listing all the new foods he eats.

I know I say it every month but he is the light of our lives and he is totally my favorite child right now. :) He brings the perfect little spirit into our home and the greatest joy. I love that I get to wake up to him every morning and come up with new ways to figure out the world. I love this little human so much, Kasey says I love him too much sometimes.
 I wish I could freeze him like this forever to I could kiss and smell his stinky toes everyday. Smooch his cheeks constantly. Stare into those big, ever learning eyes. And have that little chubby hand to hold for the rest of forever. He is my guy.