Wednesday, May 20

8 Months

8 months huh?
 Time keeps flying by and I just can't seem to keep up with it. He is growing too fast and becoming too fun. Lets be honest, I'm not going to be ready for another child for a while. He is too delicious and I love spoiling him with all my time and energy (poor younger children, are they ever as loved?)
 He is my favorite little guy. I love that this picture showcases his bruised legs. He is so active with all of his sprint crawling (he has been crawling since a few days after 7 months and mostly does his "sprint" to get into the bathroom for the bathtub), walking along furniture-- to which he mastered the dismount so he doesn't fall hard, and walking behind and pushing our really classy "walker" which happens to be his empty diaper box. With his latest trick of climbing up the stairs!!
 This little face, as pictured above, captures him perfectly and preciously. He plays with his toys really well by himself until he is hungry or tired and when that happens he crawls to me and then I either feed him or lay him down. I still just lay him down and he falls right to sleep.
He is a talker. You can usually catch him saying mama or dada and if its not one of those it is just the cutest babble or his baby elephant noise. He has known his name for a while and is really great at turning to me when I say his name or more importantly when we play "where's Ezzy?"
He still loves to laugh and does it all the time but mostly when I chase him or play where's Ezzy or, of course, tickle him. He is just so happy and funny. Can you tell he loves to be active and on the move?
He has learned to open cupboards and drawers...time to move the knives from the bottom drawer in the kitchen.
He got his first tooth!!! Exactly one week before he turned 8 months. I was hoping you could look hard enough and see it in the above picture. He did pretty well other than getting a runny nose and being a little quicker to fussiness. I think the second bottom tooth will be following soon.
He does this thing where he intentionally, or I like to believe its intentional, puts toys under the couch and media dresser and then reaches for them with all his might. His bum sticks up and his head is mashed against said furniture with his arm trying to stretch to get the toy. It is one of my favorite things lately.
This picture^ is almost the exact face he gives when he sees animals. There is this cat that sleeps in the hall of our apartment complex (another story for another day) and he loves him. We named him Skeeter. Ezra will look at him inquisitively, then start smiling, then he chuckles. Guys, he literally chuckles. He saw a dog the other day and his eyes were glued, along with that big grin on his face.
^^^That is the exact look you would see if you came to our house at bath-time. As said above, he sprint crawls to get there and then he can not stop giggling with excitement. I have gotten to the point of having to close the bathroom door during the day or else I would be chasing him all the live long day to keep him away from the bath tub. But let me tell ya this, actually giving him a bath is tricky because he is constantly trying to stand and roll over and eat the water. He is fun. 

Finally his favorite topic: FOOD.
Also the part no one cares about but me.

He is nursing 4x/day
Has been eating solids 3x/day for a few weeks-- he bangs his hand on the highchair if I don't give him bites fast enough.
Actually prefers textured foods over puree's
Recently started eating a snack in between "meals"

New foods
avocado--he finally likes them!
baby oatmeal--started adding it to his breakfast puree
lil yums--spinach, kale, apple.

He is still sleeping like a champ. 8pm-7:30 or 8am and still doing his normal 3 naps a day. I thought it was going to change to 2 naps but that was only while he was teething because he was sleeping in until 9am. He seemed to need more sleep as he was teething.

He is still the highlight and joy of our lives and we thank our Heavenly Father every night that he was sent to us at this time. We absolutely adore everything about you bubby lou, bubs, loofy, ezzy, ewa, mr., Ezra Jay. xoxo

Sunday, May 3

Lorimer Weekend

This past weekend was a glorious one. One where the only appropriate time to take a picture is on Sunday because we all finally got ready. It was mostly spent in comfy clothes, playing games. Let me tell ya, my. Kind. Of. Weekend. There was a lot of Liars Die, Scheming and Skulking, and Mexican Trains played. The moment Ezra went to bed, the real party started. I am ever so thankful he is sleeping through the night (Usually about 8-8) and taking long naps because that only increased our game playage time.
Of course we now have some catching up on our sleep to do, but it was clearly well worth it. Thank you for coming Deah and Lean. Can't wait for more party time in Phoenix, someday!