Tuesday, April 21

Utah-Idaho-Arizona-Idaho-Utah // 3 of 5


I think I have the most pictures from this trip. Ezra loved being outside so much and not wearing socks. Thank you Brittney and Dusty for letting us crash your house and keep you up all night. (Like I said, he didn't sleep well on this vacation, I felt like a walking zombie)
 Thoroughly enjoyed the water and the sun. Wanted to be out there all day everyday.
Watched the General Women's Conference with us. Especially loved the singing.

Went in to get him from a nap one day and he had his face smashed up against the pack N play like a piggie. I wish I had captured it, but this memory will have to be enough. 

Got to see great Grammy a couple times. He loved looking at her and they would both just laugh.

 Had way too much fun with uncle Dusty. They had a love affair.


 Brittney and the kids took Ezra for me a couple mornings so I could get some much need zzzz and they played with him and he got to go for a ride to school with them.

Best friends and our babes
Best friends babes becoming best friends?

Feeling soooo big in a highchair. First timer. 
Also first timer with the swing, could explain the grasp but trying to act cool.

"Have courage and be kind"
Getting ready for Cinderella.

 Did not want to continue riding in the stroller, preferred this method instead. 

Waiting for Aunt Brittney in the car. 
He cool. 

Picture on the left, I don't even need to say anything more. 
Seriously loves being so big in his own chair, eating like the big kids. 

More Great Grammy lovin'
These kids were way too much fun for little Ezzy--getting ready for plane ride 2 of 3 in 2 weeks. 

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