Tuesday, April 21

Utah-Idaho-Arizona-Idaho-Utah // 2 of 5

Idaho part 1:

After Utah we traveled to Idaho for 5 days with Kasey before I took off to Arizona and him home for school. We just hung out and took pictures along the way.
Pulling into Rexburg, he looks thrilled. 

I think someone is begging for food? Ever so cutely might I add. 
 Loved pulling aunt Lyssa's hair 

They were all so cute, I couldn't pick one. 
Ezra eyeing the binki, 
Corbin holding Ezra's hands,
the car under Corbin and then grabbing said car,
both looking--somewhat--at the camera,
finally Corbs lovin Ez!

Ez loves to help us brush our teeth and feel the vibrations.
Grandma's classic hold--Ezra LOVES it. 

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