Tuesday, April 21

Utah-Idaho-Arizona-Idaho-Utah // 1 of 5

3 weeks, in all those places, in that order. It was so fun, like so fun, but I don't think I will ever do that again. Plus 2 of the three weeks were done without Kasey. Moms need dads and babies need dads so yah, it was a great reunion when we returned home.

We went to Utah first for just a few short days and saw friends and family. 
Kasey did some golfing and I did some visiting. 
We stayed with Hollian and one night with my sister Tessa, it was perfect. 
Here are some pictures from the first Utah trip of the trip... huh?

Utah part 1:

 First time Hendricks cousins meet.

If that water bottle ever slipped out of Ewa's hands, you better believe that Ryker was right there to fetch it for him. I think he might love Ewa just a little. 
Ezra and Corbin and the feet picture should be self explanitory. We went to coldstone. 

So fun to see old friends. Seriously, they are old, I don't know how they lifted me ;)

Cousin LOVE.

Sorry gramps, it was just too cute! He loved playing with G & G great.
First time in the grass in Tremonton.

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