Tuesday, April 21

Utah-Idaho-Arizona-Idaho-Utah // final post on trip

Final stop-Utah

Made it to Utah one last time before heading home to Kasey.
Spent more time at Tessa's!!
Brynna's wedding and finally
Cassie and Spencer and baby Martin!!!!

More of that infamous Ryker and Ezra cousin love

He can never get enough of being outside. 

We made it. We finally got to see Sassy and Martin. It surely wasn't enough time, 
but I am grateful for the time that we had. 

It was a wonderful trip of sleepless nights and adventurous days. 
If that is not calling for a vacation from a vacation, I don't know what would. 
In all seriousness, I had been looking forward to this trip for a while and I am so happy we got to show off Ezra to all the friends and family we did.
I just thought about naming everyone but decided against it, it was a lot. We are blessed. 

That final airplane ride from SLC-Seattle was the longest of them all because
we were so close to seeing daddy and giving me a break!! 
He did great on all 3 plane rides, took naps on all of them, in my arms might I add.
He stayed on his schedule, for the most part [we wont talk about the night wakings every 2-3 hours]
and did amazingly the moment we got home. 

My luggage got broken on the last flight and I got a $100 dollar credit so I get to fly back to
Idaho for my brothers wedding for $16 in June.
I will take that trade off. Also a piece of my stroller got lost and the 
reimbursed me for it. Great customer service. I am also so happy all this happened on the last flight. 

Now to get back to normal life. 

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