Monday, April 27

First Swim

I feel like we may have a little fishy on our hands. He was ready to go to the pool. 
He was pretty cautious and skeptical at first but his leggies instantly started kicking. He was like a little magnet to all the other kids in the pool, they all wanted to come over and "pet" him. They honestly came up and stroked his hands and this one little girl kept telling me "I really like your baby, he is so cute". 

They all loved him, yet he did NOT love their splashes, he would look to either Kasey or I to make sure everything was okay. After we were done swimming the lifeguard came up to us and asked how old he was, and then proceeded to say she has never seen a baby this age and a first timer do as well as he did and never have to be taken out for crying. Then she told us, he loves the water. Ha, well thank you I think I may have to agree. 

The picture below is deceptive, he really loved it. Must have this face because he still wanted to be in the water. I can't get enough of this face. GAH!

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