Monday, April 27

Ezra Stands

These days I feel like things are happening by the minute. One minute he is eyeing the chair and wanting to stand up to it and the next he is doing it. I am amazed at how quickly babies learn things. 

Seriously one day he was pulling himself up to only his knees, pretty rockily might I add. 
Then the next day he was just pulling himself up all the way. 

I walked in to get Ezzy from a nap on Friday (4.24.15) and I had not looked at the video monitor and I saw this. I laughed so much and was actually quite surprised. I knew it was coming soon, but still seeing it was just purely amazing and sad, my baby is growing up, too fast. 
We lowered the crib that day before bed time. I figured that would solve the standing in bed problem because it would be too high for him. 
Well, I was wrong. The next day I walked in to this.
He is so busy and so tough. With learning to stand up to, everything, comes falling from most everything and not with such grace in the beginning. But he almost never cries. He will just roll over and go for it again. He is strong and determined. It is so fun to watch him learn and grow. But I do have to pay a little more attention now that he is pulling himself up to literally anything. 

His crawling is improving by the hour. Today he took 5 consecutive crawl steps. Kasey thinks he is over it and just wants to be walking. This momma is not ready for that, but I guess he has a mind of his own. I hope he doesn't take after me (I was walking at 8 months)! 
I love his little model pose he always does.
 He is getting to the age and cuteness where I can not kiss him enough and I want to eat him and squish him every second. He is my sidekick and my best friend. I am so lucky I get to be at home with him all day errr day. 

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