Monday, April 27

Busy Laughing Driving Boy

This boy is busy.
 I had to post this from the 7 month photoshoot
 (or photo"cute" as one of my friends said of him)
to show just how much he moves and keeps me on my toes. 

I can not tell you how being outside makes this crazy, wiggly, loud babe so calm and happy.
I am sure most kids react this way, but it is amazing to me every time. 
He loves exploring and seeing everything our amazing world has to offer. 
I love this about him. I am so grateful for the beautiful weather lately and for these beanies and sweaters that make me want to kiss his face off. 

Crawling and getting EVERY. WHERE. Seriously any nook and cranny he can semi fit in, he will be in. My little explorer, I love it. 

I was trying to feed this little turkey in the front seat of the car before we headed to dinner on Friday night, but there were way too many cool things to explore in this new part of the car that he had never been in. He loved "driving" and playing with the blinker and wind shield wipers. 

He has this gasping giggly chuckling laugh and he was doing that sound the entire time he was at the steering wheel. I am so glad I got a video of it.

Right after I say "Hey do you feel pretty cool like you are driving?" that laugh that he does is my all time favorite. He does it all through out the day, like whatever I do or say is the funniest thing he has ever heard. Maybe it is?

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