Monday, April 20

7 months

I just love my growing boy. His last stats were 92nd for height(28 1/2 inches) and 50th for weight(18.4 lbs). He is so busy and it makes life so fun. Instead of getting bored and telling me about it, he will just crawl (scoot with a couple actual crawls in there, but not consistent yet) to another toy or room. If I walk into the kitchen, he will sometimes follow. If I am sitting at the table eating, he will most always crawl to me to get what I have.

He eats so many things:
Pureed fruits and veggies
Home cooked sweet potato wedges
Grapes (in the mesh bags)
My oatmeal
Puffs (any flavor)--can grab them and put them in his mouth
Teething biscuits--still no teeth

Only thing he wont eat so far is avocado--we have tried 3 times.

He seems so ready to eat more real food but I am trying to go slow. I always breastfeed before giving him any food because I have read "food for fun till they're one" because breastmilk (or formula) should be the primary nutrient source until then.

We went on a 3 week long vacation (the day he turned 6 months until 6m3w) and his sleep was terrible. The moment we got home he was back on his sleep schedule, he loves his crib. I lay him down for 3 naps a day still and then bed time is 8 and he never cries when we lay him down. I put his blanky on my shoulder and he snuggles up to it/me and then reaches for his crib! It is amazing. He sleeps 8-8 with one feeding in the night (I haven't given it up yet because I feel he still needs it). He gets about 3-4 hours worth of naps in the day still on the same schedule as 6 months.

I breastfeed him 5 times in a 24 hour period and give him solids twice a day but may transition to 3 times a day soon because in the morning he acts like he wants to eat. I fed him solids this morning, so we will see if that continues.

Almost everyday someone tells me that they think he is such a gorgeous baby. I told Kasey the other day that I know we are biased but maybe some people think it too. I think he really is so perfect and precious in every way. He smiles at everyone and loves and I mean LOVES other humans around his age, or just kids in general (probably because they give him lots of attention).

Icould listen to his giggles all day. Yesterday I was just kissing him and making funny faces and  rubbing my nose on his cheeks and he was laughing so hard. I was so happy it was Sunday and Kasey was home to witness what we do everyday. He sure loves him some daddy but I think we may have a momma's boy on our hands--I secretly not so secretly love it. Although it could cramp my style because today marked first day EVER of letting someone else (besides family) try to watch him. I went to the gym and took him to the daycare. It lasted 10 minutes. I thought I heard him crying and I walked over to check, sure enough, as soon as I picked him up, he stopped crying. Poor buddy. My helicopter mothering is probably ruining him, but I still don't care. I will love on him and give him whatever he wants for always. :)

Today also marks the first day of someone asking "Boy or girl" and then having the ladies in the daycare call him a "she". He is pretty, but I still think he looks all boy. So, that made me laugh.

He loves:
-His binki--crawls the fastest to get it over any toy
-His blanky--we have two one blue one grey, only use them for sleeping with
-Anything to do with sports, he loves kaseys golf balls and all his favorite toys can usually roll and -then he chases them. Sometimes they go under the couch or tv stand and he tried to climb under to get them.
-Climbing up on his toy piano (it came with the playmat)
-Being outside, hopefully we can cure all of our vampire skin
-When I clap for him and say "Yay!"
-Patty cake
-Hitting his hands on his highchair
-Being sang to and sings with us
-When I kiss the palm of his hands
-To be tickled, and still soooo ticklish. Kasey likes to rub Ezra's feet on his beard, they both laugh.
-Figuring things out with his mouth--everything goes in his mouth
-Talk--has the cutest babble in the world
-Bath time-- starting to really splash and screech about it
I love:
His constant chatter and happy squeal
When he puts socks in his mouth and crawls around
Kissing his neck and the bridge of his nose
When he just lays and plays with his toys
Getting him up from naps and in the morning
The face he makes when he is overly excited and shakes because he wants said thing so bad
When he crawls to my leg and begs to be held
How he lights up when he see me
A good hearty Ezzy laugh (usually only comes when uncle Levi is around)
Feeding him
Watching Kasey and Ezra together
When he climbs over his piano instead of around, usually face plants but just keeps going
I am amazed at how much he can do at such a young age. I love watching him grow and figure out the world. I always want time to slow down, but it is never going to so I try to cherish the here and now moments.

I am so lucky to have him in my life because he already makes me laugh so much. I am also 
grateful that I get to stay at home with him, even though I do have "those" days [you know what I am talking about] every now and again, I am so lucky to have a husband working so hard to let me raise this rascal. I love you Ezra Jay. 


  1. Amber, I love your blog! I love everything you have to write, I feel the same way! Ezra is so handsome!! Happy 7 months to our little babies!

    1. You are so great! Remind me again why we have to live an hour apart? Also I decided I want you to be my nurse for the next child/children :)

    2. You are so great! Remind me again why we have to live an hour apart? Also I decided I want you to be my nurse for the next child/children :)