Monday, April 27

First Swim

I feel like we may have a little fishy on our hands. He was ready to go to the pool. 
He was pretty cautious and skeptical at first but his leggies instantly started kicking. He was like a little magnet to all the other kids in the pool, they all wanted to come over and "pet" him. They honestly came up and stroked his hands and this one little girl kept telling me "I really like your baby, he is so cute". 

They all loved him, yet he did NOT love their splashes, he would look to either Kasey or I to make sure everything was okay. After we were done swimming the lifeguard came up to us and asked how old he was, and then proceeded to say she has never seen a baby this age and a first timer do as well as he did and never have to be taken out for crying. Then she told us, he loves the water. Ha, well thank you I think I may have to agree. 

The picture below is deceptive, he really loved it. Must have this face because he still wanted to be in the water. I can't get enough of this face. GAH!

Busy Laughing Driving Boy

This boy is busy.
 I had to post this from the 7 month photoshoot
 (or photo"cute" as one of my friends said of him)
to show just how much he moves and keeps me on my toes. 

I can not tell you how being outside makes this crazy, wiggly, loud babe so calm and happy.
I am sure most kids react this way, but it is amazing to me every time. 
He loves exploring and seeing everything our amazing world has to offer. 
I love this about him. I am so grateful for the beautiful weather lately and for these beanies and sweaters that make me want to kiss his face off. 

Crawling and getting EVERY. WHERE. Seriously any nook and cranny he can semi fit in, he will be in. My little explorer, I love it. 

I was trying to feed this little turkey in the front seat of the car before we headed to dinner on Friday night, but there were way too many cool things to explore in this new part of the car that he had never been in. He loved "driving" and playing with the blinker and wind shield wipers. 

He has this gasping giggly chuckling laugh and he was doing that sound the entire time he was at the steering wheel. I am so glad I got a video of it.

Right after I say "Hey do you feel pretty cool like you are driving?" that laugh that he does is my all time favorite. He does it all through out the day, like whatever I do or say is the funniest thing he has ever heard. Maybe it is?

Ezra Stands

These days I feel like things are happening by the minute. One minute he is eyeing the chair and wanting to stand up to it and the next he is doing it. I am amazed at how quickly babies learn things. 

Seriously one day he was pulling himself up to only his knees, pretty rockily might I add. 
Then the next day he was just pulling himself up all the way. 

I walked in to get Ezzy from a nap on Friday (4.24.15) and I had not looked at the video monitor and I saw this. I laughed so much and was actually quite surprised. I knew it was coming soon, but still seeing it was just purely amazing and sad, my baby is growing up, too fast. 
We lowered the crib that day before bed time. I figured that would solve the standing in bed problem because it would be too high for him. 
Well, I was wrong. The next day I walked in to this.
He is so busy and so tough. With learning to stand up to, everything, comes falling from most everything and not with such grace in the beginning. But he almost never cries. He will just roll over and go for it again. He is strong and determined. It is so fun to watch him learn and grow. But I do have to pay a little more attention now that he is pulling himself up to literally anything. 

His crawling is improving by the hour. Today he took 5 consecutive crawl steps. Kasey thinks he is over it and just wants to be walking. This momma is not ready for that, but I guess he has a mind of his own. I hope he doesn't take after me (I was walking at 8 months)! 
I love his little model pose he always does.
 He is getting to the age and cuteness where I can not kiss him enough and I want to eat him and squish him every second. He is my sidekick and my best friend. I am so lucky I get to be at home with him all day errr day. 

Tuesday, April 21

Utah-Idaho-Arizona-Idaho-Utah // final post on trip

Final stop-Utah

Made it to Utah one last time before heading home to Kasey.
Spent more time at Tessa's!!
Brynna's wedding and finally
Cassie and Spencer and baby Martin!!!!

More of that infamous Ryker and Ezra cousin love

He can never get enough of being outside. 

We made it. We finally got to see Sassy and Martin. It surely wasn't enough time, 
but I am grateful for the time that we had. 

It was a wonderful trip of sleepless nights and adventurous days. 
If that is not calling for a vacation from a vacation, I don't know what would. 
In all seriousness, I had been looking forward to this trip for a while and I am so happy we got to show off Ezra to all the friends and family we did.
I just thought about naming everyone but decided against it, it was a lot. We are blessed. 

That final airplane ride from SLC-Seattle was the longest of them all because
we were so close to seeing daddy and giving me a break!! 
He did great on all 3 plane rides, took naps on all of them, in my arms might I add.
He stayed on his schedule, for the most part [we wont talk about the night wakings every 2-3 hours]
and did amazingly the moment we got home. 

My luggage got broken on the last flight and I got a $100 dollar credit so I get to fly back to
Idaho for my brothers wedding for $16 in June.
I will take that trade off. Also a piece of my stroller got lost and the 
reimbursed me for it. Great customer service. I am also so happy all this happened on the last flight. 

Now to get back to normal life. 

Utah-Idaho-Arizona-Idaho-Utah // 4 of 5

Idaho part 2:

After Arizona we flew back into Idaho for another week. He loves all of his aunts and uncles so he had a blast, but I was still wishing I wasn't being a single parent (shout out to all the single parents out there, it ain't east). I was so lucky to have so much help from everyone, thank you!!

Showing how uncle Joe "styles" all the nephews hairs....

Uncle Brandon and Aunt Chelsea pretending Ezra is theirs during conference.
 Thanks for all the help you two lover birds. 

Utah bound, one last time. 

Utah-Idaho-Arizona-Idaho-Utah // 3 of 5


I think I have the most pictures from this trip. Ezra loved being outside so much and not wearing socks. Thank you Brittney and Dusty for letting us crash your house and keep you up all night. (Like I said, he didn't sleep well on this vacation, I felt like a walking zombie)
 Thoroughly enjoyed the water and the sun. Wanted to be out there all day everyday.
Watched the General Women's Conference with us. Especially loved the singing.

Went in to get him from a nap one day and he had his face smashed up against the pack N play like a piggie. I wish I had captured it, but this memory will have to be enough. 

Got to see great Grammy a couple times. He loved looking at her and they would both just laugh.

 Had way too much fun with uncle Dusty. They had a love affair.


 Brittney and the kids took Ezra for me a couple mornings so I could get some much need zzzz and they played with him and he got to go for a ride to school with them.

Best friends and our babes
Best friends babes becoming best friends?

Feeling soooo big in a highchair. First timer. 
Also first timer with the swing, could explain the grasp but trying to act cool.

"Have courage and be kind"
Getting ready for Cinderella.

 Did not want to continue riding in the stroller, preferred this method instead. 

Waiting for Aunt Brittney in the car. 
He cool. 

Picture on the left, I don't even need to say anything more. 
Seriously loves being so big in his own chair, eating like the big kids. 

More Great Grammy lovin'
These kids were way too much fun for little Ezzy--getting ready for plane ride 2 of 3 in 2 weeks.