Wednesday, March 4

Seaside Oregon

Since the weekend leading up to my birthday was dubbed "study weekend" we had fun the weekend after my birthday in Seaside, Oregon with the Peterson's! Kasey had Friday off from school and got to leave at lunch time on Thursday so we started the 4 hour trek to have a fun relaxing weekend with friends.

The last time we saw Dustin and Christina, she was pregnant and I was largely pregnant so we got to meet each others babes this time around. I swear Ezra is betrothed to like 4 girls already, cute little Taylor is definitely on that list!!

They didn't believe we had a child for the first 18 hours because he was asleep every time they were ready to meet him. I did not realize how much he sleeps until I really wanted him to meet his new friends (and possibly in-laws?? haha).

We hung around the hotel room and showed off our babes, watched TV, ate food, went to the arcade (every arcade should invest in Fascinations), went to the beach and heard a very brave soul sing her heart out, and just all over had a grand ol' time.

Thanks for coming with us, lets make it an annual trip!!

Either he was trying to kiss her or eat her... nobody knows. 

He has already got the moves, held her hand right away. 
They were totally flirting :)

When did my baby become a toddler. He looks HUGE in this picture.

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