Wednesday, March 4

Ezzy: five and one half

Kasey and I fight over him daily. His giggles are always just lurking about ready to explode. I swear he thinks I am hilarious, like when I dance, he laughs.... Well maybe thats because I think I have the moves like jagger, but I don't. 

But seriously we just giggled together for the past hour together. I was attempting sit ups while he laid on my legs and every time I made it up, out of breath might I add, and said the number I was on he laughed and as I did more he laughed harder and harder to the point of getting hiccups. 

Then we just sat on the couch together making faces at each other and, you guessed it, more laughter. I really believe he loves me and realizes I am his funniest best friend. The end. 

Now for some pictures taken within the past week. 
Church is hard these days. He usually naps from 9-10:30, but church starts at 9 and he is always a bit too busy checkin' everything out to nap. I put him on my lap like this during the 2nd hour of church and  after a few minutes like this my friend Natalie told me he had fallen asleep. He was exhausted. Kept his arms floating like that until I moved him to the crook of me arm. 3.1.15

This boy is very regular with his poops. Every. Single. Morning. Well Sunday morning he didn't, because of the solids he is eating these days, so I knew we should expect it sometime and that it would probably be big. He was playing all by himself quietly for a bit and I told Kasey, "I bet he is pooping". When I went over and picked him up-- boy was I right. 3.1.15

This happened while I was napping. When Kasey showed me, I laughed for a solid minute. 3.1.15

Always have proof of my crazy crib boy. Bumpers should be here in 2 days. 3.2.15
Loves eating his homemade peas and rice cereal. I think he is going to be a garbage disposal. He has had sweet potatoes (homemade), avocado, peas (homemade), and rice cereal thus far. On the list to try this week is carrots (homemade). I love making him food by throwing it in the magic bullet, its gratifying somehow. 3.2.15
Park trip 3.3.15
Started like this.
Left the room for 3 minutes. 3.4.15
Ended like this.
I think he may be crawling sooner than later. He is BUSY.
Yes baby, you are Awesome. 3.4.15 
Never. Grow. Up.
This face melts me on the daily.

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