Thursday, March 26


Half a year, no way he has been with us only, yet already half of a year. I can't remember life without him yet how has he grown so fast?

He is already getting so big and sooo fun. I know I say this every month but he just gets more fun and happy, literally everyday.

The giggliest little guy in all the land
Officially army/worm crawling with grunts at every scoot
Garbage. Can. Will eat anything, anyway. From me, bottle, or spoon. (Since I am posting this late, this is no longer true. Is going on a solids strike or rather only likes pears.)
Still loves attention
He loves his sleep just like mom and dad (again, this has changed a touch due to vacationing...or teething...)
Loves to make it impossible for me to change his diaper
Still rarely fusses--just lets us know if he wants attention or is tired/hungry
Has started noticing when mom leaves or enters the room

Loves his schedule and I love his predictability
- 3 naps a day 9-10:15 or 10:30 // 12:30-2 // 4-5
- Bedtime 7:30 sleeps until 7:20 with a feeding around 4am--so I can cuddle with him (sometimes I let him sleep by me for a while after he gets done eating. My favorite.)

Eats every 3 hours // 5 breastfeedings with 2 feedings of solids a day
-oatmeal and fruit at lunch time (favorite seems to be pears)
-rice and veggie at dinner time (favorite seems to be sweet potatoes)

Favorite toys are
-Banana toothbrush
-Soft books--for eating of course--but also loves when I read them to him. Sat still for 5 minutes as I read to him yesterday. Pretty precious moment for this wiggly, busy guy.

 We have been on vacation for a week. On his 6 month birthday we drove all day! He is so fun and growing daily. He weighs 18 lbs and people always comment on how strong he is. He is also very determined and won't stop telling us about it until he gets to the object he wants. As always, stop growing but keep growing! We love you bubba-lou.

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