Wednesday, March 4

5 M O N T H S

I blink and he is one month closer to one. Next month is going to be a crazy one, oh gosh, my heart is already fearing it. I am not ALL sad about him growing up. He is sooo much fun and getting cuter and happier by the day. I wrote 5 things on instagram for his 5 month birthday (birthday? Yes, I think they exist every month till he is 1).
always talking
doesn't gag on rice cereal anymore
moved to size 4 diapers last night (we only put them on him at night and he still fits snuggly in his size 3's-- finishing up the box and then moving up)
loves to play "where's Ezzy?"
is a crib acrobat
a couple more things about him

my hand is his go to favorite toy
loves to cuddle (PLEASE last forever)
goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes at 5 to eat and then sleeps again until 7:30
takes 3 naps a day (9-10:30 / 12:30-2 or 2:30 / 4-4:45)

can put his binky in all by himself
reaching for things while on his belly, is that a sign of getting ready to crawl? Insert sad face.
the most ticklish boy in all the land
still loves to play with the curtains
-reaches for and is almost always successful in grabbing any and every thing--especially my hair
toys vs slobber, slobber wins every time.
clearly this feet grabbing business is for real
                                                         Still as cute and fun as ever

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