Monday, February 2

lovers holiday crafts/decor

At the end of the day, I always wish I had crafted or spruced up our living quarters (I refuse to call this apartment home) in some way. And at the beginning of every holiday I wish I had the decor to go along with said holiday. We have always lived in small apartments and we are already poppin outta these walls. Sooo buying extra decor to store and then move in X amount of months or years is never ever done.

Well folks, I put my foot down this February and decided to do some Pinterest browsing and came up with some DIY projects and a wee little hobby lobby shopping. That did the trick. I don't have a cute fireplace mantel or even a good media dresser or a cute wall table thing so the kitchen table is all I've got for now (hopefully that will change in the near future).

Today was the day I made nap time super duper useful and made this here table runner. It turned out so great. I love it for my lovers holiday. I already had the candlestick holders [Confession: I am a hoarder] but I got the candles at hobby lobby on Saturday and my xoxo sign also came from h.b. I am still working on one more project: it involves crocheting and a nature walk. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, we arent going to talk about these next pictures that were taken yesterday during a bowl of not so super-ness...


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