Thursday, February 26

I am now closer to 30.

This past birthday was so perfect. I got to spend it with my main sidekick. But it was also a touch hard because I am now closer to 30 than I am to 20, yet I still feel 21? Hmmm I think I will take a 
rein-check on all future birthdays. Not only does it mean I get older, but my baby gets older. Humph, that is life I guess. It was a great day all things considered (the getting older part) and that explosion below. 
Still have mothering duties on your birthday.
Thanks for reminding me right away Ez.
But that is okay because his cute face makes up for it. 
My all time fave Ezzy face. He bites his little gummies together and it makes his cheeks that much bigger. 
We went to Hobby Lobby and I had a hot dinner date with my boys. The binki was forgotten at home so it ended up being a little more stressful and quick than planned. 
Just me and my date on my birthday, feeding in the car. 
Got that vase for my pikes market flowers that we got on Valentines Day.  
Thank you, Sun, for shining brightly on February 17th, I know it was just for me.  

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  1. Like my mama always says, No birthday is complete without a blowout! Er somethin like that! ;) I personally like his model pose on his belly---the face that shows no shame for what he just did! HBDFAE