Friday, February 6

20 in 20 out

Bummer my prego picture is blurry.
Today marks 20 weeks of life for my little Ezra Jay. The first 20 weeks with him inside me we hard yet so exciting and the first 20 weeks with him on earth with us has been so magnificent but also not void of trials. I definitely prefer the latter of the 20 weeks though.
*Warning--all photos are a first mom/first child problem. I took screen shots throughout a video* 
Waiting 3 years to finally hear that we were pregnant was hard. I won't sugar coat it. You out there who are struggling now are literally living in it and know, like deep down to your bones know. Then there are those who are where I am, you did have a long road, but your time finally came, whether after a short amount of waiting or a long period of waiting-- lets be honest, any waiting is hard. 
 Then to go through pregnancy was magically beautiful and yet so hard. You really do become a mother when you get pregnant. You start to worry over so many things already. Is he/she moving enough, am I eating well to give him/her adequate nutrition, am I exercising too hard or not enough, etc. etc. 

Reflecting back over the past year amazes me, because it went soo fast. And to think, just a little over a year ago I was still in pain of not being pregnant and now my baby is growing up so rapidly, and adorably might I add. All of this reflection has made me realize to always have faith, love, and laughter in your life. It is easy to get consumed by the daily trials or tasks at hand. The only constant can and should be happiness. It is easy to get down whether it be too much rain outside (*cough*Seattle*cough*), not being near family and friends, or just life in general. 

I am so grateful for my baby. I am grateful my time finally came.  I am grateful he is not still in my belly.I am grateful he has been with me for 20 weeks (although it feels like I've never been without him). I am grateful for his happiness that brings me countless happiness, daily.  Cheers to your 20 week birthday Ezra. 


  1. So happy for you, Amber, he is seriously the cutest. I looked through the pictures twice- he is just so sweet!

    1. Thank you sooo much Mary! I just jumped over to your blog, your family is getting bigger :) So much fun!! Hope all is well.