Sunday, January 18

the big 2 7

Thank you for making it to the Super Bowl again this year Seahawks, you were my birthday present this year. Kasey said that all he wanted was for them to win for his birthday. Phew-y! Glad they did or my birthday gift would have been a bust.

We came to Grammy and Grandpa's for the weekend because Kasey has tomorrow off of school and why not have your parents make your birthday cake?!

This was a fun birthday in the fact that we have our little guy this year. First birthday with a baby is a big deal, in our eyes. Plus, last year at this time we were prepping for the next day (the 19th) to have the transfer done for IVF. I can't believe it has been one whole year. To see the pain we had in our hearts last year to the joy we have this year is incredible.

Happy birthday my love, you are the greatest dad and the best, most handsome husband. I am happy to have you next to me while we figure out this parenting thing. I love you.
Amber and Ezra

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