Wednesday, January 14

QT to the Burg

I was just too anxious to wait until Christmas to show off Ezra to my family. There just so happened to be a weekend in November where this quick trip was made possible. Kasey had no school on a Tuesday so he just missed a class or two that Monday and it made for a 3 day trip (not including driving). We left around 4pm on Friday the 7th of November and got there middle of the night and then left on Veterans day, the 11th.

Ezra was such the great car tripper. He really just slept and hung out, never cried. Even with the time difference and late night car driving he never got off his schedule. He is just the best. It was a lengthy car ride, but so very worth it to see family and show him off. We also got to put the 9 day apart cousins together.

This was Ezra's first time on a play mat and he absolutely LOVED the blinky singing lion. The had many a stare downs.
The boys in our bellies and the boys now playing together. I thought it was so funny that they were kind of matching us and they were on the same side as us from the picture, unplanned. 

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