Wednesday, January 14

Ezra Jay's blessing day

We had the blessing the day after the wedding, and if you remember, I was so sick. I still wasn't better by the day of his blessing. Just like everything else in Ezra's life, we did it the unique way, we blessed him at home. Church never gets cancelled in Rexburg, but it did the day we planned to bless him. It was still perfect though. We got to stay all cozy at home. Kasey's parents came into town and helped a ton with the food prep {thank you} and my dad and Teresa were able to be there as well. Plus almost all of my siblings {missed ya Kel} and my parents. It was quiet yet powerful. You did a great job Kasey.

I was a bad mom and didn't [and still haven't] taken pictures of just him in his blessing outfit. Like I said, I was so sick. I pretty much slept the rest of the day. I am still thinking I need to take pictures of him, as if it were his blessing day, just for the memories [the outfit was a wee bit big so if I take them soon, maybe it will fit better]. Bad mom award.

Thank you to everyone who was there and supported us in one of the best days of our lives. We love you Ezra-- like too much, sometimes I want to squeeze and squish and smoother you in kisses. Hard life to be loved that much.

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