Tuesday, January 20

Dr. Visit--4 months

Seriously when it comes to my baby getting shots, I am the baby. I was so worried about this appointment because I hate to see Ezra in pain. But that may be the life of motherhood, everything can't always be perfect and we can't always keep them from pain, I wish it weren't true.

All that being said, the Dr. visit went so well today. I honestly said a prayer before we went-- when I opened my eyes, Ezra was just smiling at me. Maybe that was his way of telling me everything would be fine. Cheesy but it helped calm my heart. Then, the first shot he laughed. The nurse said, "Seriously that was it? A laugh?" but then the next one he did let out a little cry that lasted as long as it took her to put the band-aid on and then me pick him up. Then he was done. The scheduling lady came in and said, "Oh no shots today?" I informed her that he had them and she was so shocked that he was just normal, smiling, and with no evidence of crying.

Tender mercies. Weird for that to be a tender mercy to me, but it was.

When I talked to Kasey after he said he told me that he told Ezra to laugh in their faces when he got the shots, well isn't he one obedient little child. Also a big one!

Look how cute and nice he is being tonight after his shots. No sign of a fever or pain. I hope his legs will stay free of aches and pains. His bath should help! 

I had to throw in these final pictures of him because he is sooo precious and fun when he wakes up from his naps. We just laugh and smile at each other, its the best. 

I mean, come on with this stretch face. I am glad I got it on camera. 

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