Wednesday, January 14

All about Ez

I seriously sing and talk in a mom voice all day, and I love it. Would have it no other way. He is getting cuter and bigger by the second. I looked over at him in the saucer today and I thought to myself, when did this happen? When did I get a little boy who holds his head up and reaches for toys and laughs and smiles and thinks he is just the busiest in all the land.
A couple days ago he was showing absolute no signs of wanting to roll. He just laid there and looked at me and then all of a sudden, he just did it. He did it for the first time on 1.13.15 from back to belly and to the left. That is all he continues to do. It is so cute because he just pops his head right up and you can just tell he is amazed but then proud. I even caught the first time on video. I was just as surprised as he was. I knew he was getting close, but didn't think it would be that time that I started recording. Boy oh boy I am glad I caught it.

The first time after he rolled, he feels so proud.

Tried to catch him in the act today. He gets stuck when he rolls under his little play mat.

He will be 4 months in just a couple of days and I can not believe time has gone this fast. It breaks my heart a little, but makes me cherish him everyday.

We are still working on his sleeping. He wakes once a night [2 am] to eat and then wakes a handful of times to have his binks put back in. His naps are a little unpredictable, but always goes down an hour and half after he wakes up [right around 9 am] in the morning and can sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. Then he goes down again around 12 or 1 depending on how long the first nap lasts. Then the afternoon is a toss up, he is not on a predictable scheduled in the afternoon quite yet.

He has recently learned to cry and only does when he is tired. That is our sign. Oh and his left eye gets red around the eye, another sign.
We still swaddle him, but sometimes I let him have one arm out so he can cuddle a plush blankie, I am so nice, I know.

My very favorite thing is when I go to get him out of his crib, oh ya--he is sleeping in a crib now--in his own room, kinda a big step in his life! Anyway, when I go get him and un-swaddle him his arms always go straight up and we say "touch down" and he smiles.

His second best friend [I am the first obviously] is the cute little boy he found in the mirror. He just cooo's and smile's at himself the whole time I let him look in the mirror. Then I start laughing and it snaps him out of his zone with his bff and he will just look at me quizzically, give a curt smile, then back to the boy in the mirror he goes.

He is too much fun and one he starts sleeping better, I am sure he will only get cuter in my eyes. [Eyes that have much better shut eye and rest!!]

 He was feeling so busy that he got to sit at the table and eat dinner with us, more like watch us, but his turn is just around the corner. He always gets Caesar around his wrist, thats the monkey ring if you couldn't tell.

We love him, turtle face and all. Thank you for bringing us so much joy and making us realize that we can survive on wee bits of sleep. 

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