Wednesday, January 14

A white and chilly Christmas

We got to spend a long time in Rexburg for Christmas. Oh it was so much fun. We got to the Burg on the 11th and didn't leave until January 2nd. 11 of 12 kids were able to come into town for a wedding. The only not so great thing was most of us got sick, like real sick. No fun at all, I was one to catch it. But thankfully Ezra didn't nor did Kasey. Ezra got a mild runny/stuffy nose-- the NoseFrida took care of that. Seriously, best invention for babies, if you can get over the fact that you are not going to suck up their snot. Thank you sooo much mom and dad for letting us crash your house for 3+ weeks. There is nothing to compare to the joy of being with sisters. My brothers are pretty cool too, I suppose.

Ezra got some tough love from his older cousins. They really did love Ehwa. It was fun to get a glimpse into life with more than one baby. Siblings are the best and it was so cute to see my sisters kids love on their little brothers, and Ehwa of course.

Doesn't this picture just show the pure love they have for him!

We did the classic sibling line up and then sit down. I am the smallest, how did I get put in the back to be crushed?

Round two, it lasted a little longer, but still ended the same way. 

The BEST Christmas present we could ever have. Last year at this time we were prepping to do IVF, so glad he was with us this year. 

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