Monday, January 19

4 M O N T H S

I know I say it every month, but seriously, where is the time going? He is so so much fun and I am so happy I get to be at home with him all day, everyday. I can't believe my baby is rolling, I am going to blink and he will be walking. I have lots of pictures so here are some Ezzy facts:

-If you give him any attention he will smile at you
-Rolling back to belly and belly to back, to the left, always
-Becoming quite the slobber monster
-Loves to eat his toys
-Enjoys his play mat and saucer (but I can't forget about him or he will tell me all about it)
-Learned to cry but only does when he is tired
-I just have to swaddle him in his crib and roll him to his right and he will fall asleep-- doesn't like to be rocked or cuddled to fall asleep anymore.
-Each day he is sleeping better and better
Takes 4 naps a day, roughly around
12-2 or 2:30
6:45-7:15 or close to it...just  cat nap before
bed at 8:30
eat at 3:30am wakes at 7:30am, repeat.

He is the greatest joy that has come into our lives. Even though this parenting thing is no cake walk it is 100% worth it. I read an article the other day about mommy's being needed and how hard and demanding it is, but also how rewarding and special it is. In hard moments I remind myself that he needs me and only me and that won't last forever, so embrace it while I've got it.

People are always coming up to me and telling me what a good baby I have and how lucky I am. I recognize this blessing and I am still amazed he is mine. He is a good natured happy boy who gets too many hugs and kisses, but somehow it is still never enough. xoxo.

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