Thursday, January 29

Sleepy Tales

I am finally starting to think that one day I will get a good nights rest and that Ezra will sleep through the night. The hope was sure dwindling for a bit. But as of 3 nights ago we cut out the middle of the night feeding, already feeling better rested just from that. He goes 12 hours without eating, finally.

Last night he went to bed at 7:30pm and I got him out of his crib at 7:26am. Major improvement. We did have to go in a couple times to replace the binky, but I would say this is quite the improvement. Kasey must have done 2 or 3 binky trips because I only did one. Seriously, I woke up singing. That never happens. Like, ever.

We are now down to swaddling one arm at night *and the houdini usually gets it out* and no swaddles at nap time. He still takes 3 naps a day.

[This sleep position with those leggies and feeties are too much for me to handle]

First one is usually 1 1/2 hours and starts anywhere from 830-9.
Second is between 12 and 1 and is usually 2-2 1/2 hours.
Third one is around 330 or 4 and is about 45mins -1 hour.
*I realize no one cares to hear about his sleeping, mostly just for my record.

Since I just put you to sleep by telling you how Ezra sleeps, I will tell you a funny story.
Lets make that 2 funny stories.

A couple nights ago I put Ezra to sleep on his back with both arms swaddled and head pointed north (not sure if it was really north but it will help with the story later, so just go with it). I woke up and couldn't see him in our video monitor, I assumed he rolled to the side of the crib. So clearly I went to check on him. What I found you almost had to see to believe. I was feeling around for his head, because no way would I risk any inkling of light that may wake him up. So, feeling for his head, to my disbelief, I find his feet. So I pat pat pat my way to his head that is now pointing south, (did the whole north and south thing help with the visual?) to find the back of his head. Not only was he turned 180*, but he was on his belly AND both arms were out. How did I not hear any of this going on? aaaand, how did he do that? He hasn't done it again...yet. I laughed so hard. I had to wake Kasey up to show him, not sure he was thrilled at first but in the end he laughed. When I woke him I said, "You have to see this to believe it" he probably still would have believed me, but how fun to see the actual proof. The next day we moved the monitor higher on the wall so we can see the whole crib, in case round 2 of the Ezzy Escapade's happens.
Second story isn't as funny or crazy but the other night Kasey went in to replace the binks (because I didn't want him to smell me and we were trying to get rid of that 3am feeding) and I watched on the video monitor. Like I said, we are anti lights in these times, just cant risk it. So he starts trying to put his binky in but, to his knowledge, Ezra wouldn't open his mouth. Well let me tell you why folks, he was trying to put the binks in between his chin and his chest. I was laughing sooo hard and it was 3am. Kasey walks back into the room and says he just wouldn't open his mouth. Still dying laughing I tell him why and we laughed our way back to sleep.

I know this sleep deprivation stuff is hard, but I am so glad I can still find "joy in the journey". You just have to or else you will go insane. I am also glad that I have a wonderful, funny, and helpful husband at my side to go through this whole thing with. With that said, please keep up the good sleeping habits Ez. xo

Wednesday, January 21

2015 GOAL

I did it. I just want to whole world to know, I ran again. I haven't run since last December (wow that feels more embarrassing to say than I thought it would be) and yesterday marked the first time. I figure it has been 4 months since I birthed a child, I can step up my game a little bit. I mean, seriously, this baby flabby stuff isn't going anywhere unless I move my tushy and do something about it. That brings me to my 2015 goal. I am writing it down so I can be held accountable.

I am going to run a half marathon before Ezra's 1st birthday.

There, I said it. Now I really have to prove to myself, and all of you I suppose, that I can do it. Kasey and I ran a half back in August of 2012, so I know we can do it again. Oh yeah, did I mention that my main squeeze committed to running with me, even though he vowed to never do one again. I didn't even have to talk him into it, he was actually the one who brought it up. And I quote from Kasey, "When are we going to run another half?" You guys, seriously, you should have seen my face when he asked. But it is under one condition, I can't force him to train with me. BIG bummer! That is the hardest part and the part that is supposed to be the "building our marriage because we are creating hobbies together". Maybe since bubs (Ezra) will be accompanying us (via cruising' in the stroller) he will be tempted to train with me. We seriously can't get enough of that guy. 

Since I can't get enough of him, doing a post without a picture of him in it would just be a shame.
So I give you, freshly washed bubbaloo in a towel, the BEST thing in the world, until he poops in the towel. Okay, I will give him some credit, he hasn't done that since he was like 2 months old. Big improvements in the Hendricks family. 
 Yes we turn this into a family affair. Honestly, I have never bathed Ezra by myself. Man I am full of embarrassing truths today. I better go before I further humiliate myself. 

Do you have any goals you would like to share? Or join me in this goal and we can encourage each other!! Also if you have any at home work outs you love, mainly yoga videos via YouTube or dvds, please let me know! I am dying to have a good yoga sesh again. xoxo

Tuesday, January 20

Dr. Visit--4 months

Seriously when it comes to my baby getting shots, I am the baby. I was so worried about this appointment because I hate to see Ezra in pain. But that may be the life of motherhood, everything can't always be perfect and we can't always keep them from pain, I wish it weren't true.

All that being said, the Dr. visit went so well today. I honestly said a prayer before we went-- when I opened my eyes, Ezra was just smiling at me. Maybe that was his way of telling me everything would be fine. Cheesy but it helped calm my heart. Then, the first shot he laughed. The nurse said, "Seriously that was it? A laugh?" but then the next one he did let out a little cry that lasted as long as it took her to put the band-aid on and then me pick him up. Then he was done. The scheduling lady came in and said, "Oh no shots today?" I informed her that he had them and she was so shocked that he was just normal, smiling, and with no evidence of crying.

Tender mercies. Weird for that to be a tender mercy to me, but it was.

When I talked to Kasey after he said he told me that he told Ezra to laugh in their faces when he got the shots, well isn't he one obedient little child. Also a big one!

Look how cute and nice he is being tonight after his shots. No sign of a fever or pain. I hope his legs will stay free of aches and pains. His bath should help! 

I had to throw in these final pictures of him because he is sooo precious and fun when he wakes up from his naps. We just laugh and smile at each other, its the best. 

I mean, come on with this stretch face. I am glad I got it on camera. 

Monday, January 19

4 M O N T H S

I know I say it every month, but seriously, where is the time going? He is so so much fun and I am so happy I get to be at home with him all day, everyday. I can't believe my baby is rolling, I am going to blink and he will be walking. I have lots of pictures so here are some Ezzy facts:

-If you give him any attention he will smile at you
-Rolling back to belly and belly to back, to the left, always
-Becoming quite the slobber monster
-Loves to eat his toys
-Enjoys his play mat and saucer (but I can't forget about him or he will tell me all about it)
-Learned to cry but only does when he is tired
-I just have to swaddle him in his crib and roll him to his right and he will fall asleep-- doesn't like to be rocked or cuddled to fall asleep anymore.
-Each day he is sleeping better and better
Takes 4 naps a day, roughly around
12-2 or 2:30
6:45-7:15 or close to it...just  cat nap before
bed at 8:30
eat at 3:30am wakes at 7:30am, repeat.

He is the greatest joy that has come into our lives. Even though this parenting thing is no cake walk it is 100% worth it. I read an article the other day about mommy's being needed and how hard and demanding it is, but also how rewarding and special it is. In hard moments I remind myself that he needs me and only me and that won't last forever, so embrace it while I've got it.

People are always coming up to me and telling me what a good baby I have and how lucky I am. I recognize this blessing and I am still amazed he is mine. He is a good natured happy boy who gets too many hugs and kisses, but somehow it is still never enough. xoxo.

Sunday, January 18

the big 2 7

Thank you for making it to the Super Bowl again this year Seahawks, you were my birthday present this year. Kasey said that all he wanted was for them to win for his birthday. Phew-y! Glad they did or my birthday gift would have been a bust.

We came to Grammy and Grandpa's for the weekend because Kasey has tomorrow off of school and why not have your parents make your birthday cake?!

This was a fun birthday in the fact that we have our little guy this year. First birthday with a baby is a big deal, in our eyes. Plus, last year at this time we were prepping for the next day (the 19th) to have the transfer done for IVF. I can't believe it has been one whole year. To see the pain we had in our hearts last year to the joy we have this year is incredible.

Happy birthday my love, you are the greatest dad and the best, most handsome husband. I am happy to have you next to me while we figure out this parenting thing. I love you.
Amber and Ezra

Wednesday, January 14

All about Ez

I seriously sing and talk in a mom voice all day, and I love it. Would have it no other way. He is getting cuter and bigger by the second. I looked over at him in the saucer today and I thought to myself, when did this happen? When did I get a little boy who holds his head up and reaches for toys and laughs and smiles and thinks he is just the busiest in all the land.
A couple days ago he was showing absolute no signs of wanting to roll. He just laid there and looked at me and then all of a sudden, he just did it. He did it for the first time on 1.13.15 from back to belly and to the left. That is all he continues to do. It is so cute because he just pops his head right up and you can just tell he is amazed but then proud. I even caught the first time on video. I was just as surprised as he was. I knew he was getting close, but didn't think it would be that time that I started recording. Boy oh boy I am glad I caught it.

The first time after he rolled, he feels so proud.

Tried to catch him in the act today. He gets stuck when he rolls under his little play mat.

He will be 4 months in just a couple of days and I can not believe time has gone this fast. It breaks my heart a little, but makes me cherish him everyday.

We are still working on his sleeping. He wakes once a night [2 am] to eat and then wakes a handful of times to have his binks put back in. His naps are a little unpredictable, but always goes down an hour and half after he wakes up [right around 9 am] in the morning and can sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. Then he goes down again around 12 or 1 depending on how long the first nap lasts. Then the afternoon is a toss up, he is not on a predictable scheduled in the afternoon quite yet.

He has recently learned to cry and only does when he is tired. That is our sign. Oh and his left eye gets red around the eye, another sign.
We still swaddle him, but sometimes I let him have one arm out so he can cuddle a plush blankie, I am so nice, I know.

My very favorite thing is when I go to get him out of his crib, oh ya--he is sleeping in a crib now--in his own room, kinda a big step in his life! Anyway, when I go get him and un-swaddle him his arms always go straight up and we say "touch down" and he smiles.

His second best friend [I am the first obviously] is the cute little boy he found in the mirror. He just cooo's and smile's at himself the whole time I let him look in the mirror. Then I start laughing and it snaps him out of his zone with his bff and he will just look at me quizzically, give a curt smile, then back to the boy in the mirror he goes.

He is too much fun and one he starts sleeping better, I am sure he will only get cuter in my eyes. [Eyes that have much better shut eye and rest!!]

 He was feeling so busy that he got to sit at the table and eat dinner with us, more like watch us, but his turn is just around the corner. He always gets Caesar around his wrist, thats the monkey ring if you couldn't tell.

We love him, turtle face and all. Thank you for bringing us so much joy and making us realize that we can survive on wee bits of sleep.