Wednesday, November 19

2 M O N T H S

Why is 2 months of pregnancy an eternity and then you blink and your baby is 2 months? It is just not fair. I have come to the conclusion that it is this way to get us to have more than one babe. 
I started feeling his new-ness fade away (since he is becoming my own personal chunky monkey) so I started holding him, almost constantly. Then I realized I created or was creating a monster. A monster that would only fall asleep on me and stay asleep if he was on me. So now, I get him to sleep, and then lay him down. It has been a couple of bad napping days (he always sleeps great at his rock n' play) but I think I am on my way to having my great sleeper back. 
Motherhood, what a whirl. Kasey always tells me "if you weren't worried about 'this' you would be worried about something else". He is so right. There is always something, but I never let it completely make me a mess-- I mean I literally look like a mess, but I don't ever get too worked up. I enjoy, thoroughly, being a mom and having this little guy in my life. 
Some Ezie-isms
-smiles are big, especially when you talk to him
-has the cutest voice in all the land--if you don't know him, you would think it was a little cry, but it is pure joy...we are working on figuring out our emotions
-had his first actual giggle yesterday while I was doing patty cake with him, talk about heart melter
-loves to look at himself in his mirror on his play mat and chat with mirror Ezra
-sleeps from 10pm-8am with one feeding at 3am
-red hair seems to be fading--new hair growing in--cant tell what color
-LOVES him some binky
-tells dad all about his day when he gets home
-graduated from size 1 diapers today, onto size 2
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect little boy for us. He brings the best spirit into our home and constantly makes my heart burst with joy, and grow a size everyday. We love you Ez man, thank you for making us parents!

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