Monday, November 24

Dr. visit--2 months

So, I was actually nervous for this appointment because Ezra was getting his first round of immunization shots. I had heard that it can throw them off their schedule, they can get fevers, and it is just plain sad. The night before I was talking to Ez and saying how we wished dad could be there, for both of us. Kasey heard but didn't say anything.
My appointment was later in the day on Friday and about 2 hours before his appointment a burglar walks into my house. Jokes. It was Kasey-- he totally surprised me, almost to death, but I loved it. He said when I was talking to E the night before he just decided he would come home early so he could be there for our little bubbas (and me). What a cute dad. He said he almost ruined the surprise so many times but kept a secret (with himself) and totally made my day.
I am glad he was there because it was just the saddest thing to see Ezra cry. Kasey said, "Well, we know he can cry" because he never cries. He is such a great baby, but these shots have done something to him. He just seemed off and in pain the first 12 hours and then sunday and today he has been a little off.  Not wanting to eat and crying in his sleep, so sad. I just know he is having nightmares about shots.
Well here is my big guys stats:
13 pounds 7.5oz (75th percentile)
23 1/2 inches (60th percentile)
and the head.... his got a noggin' on him, 93rd percentile for that big brain.

The doctor actually said these words to us--
"Such a big boy for small parents".....ugh...thanks....?
Well, I mean it is true, where did the superman baby come from? I am just amazed by his cuteness and the fact that this tiny human can put an instant smile on my face every morning--I'm not a morning person, even though I've never had less sleep in my life. Seriously, got more (WAY more) sleep in college.

We love you Ezra Jay.

That brown thing under his head is a hoppy noggin that we got from Amazon. It has a little hole for his head to go in and is cushioned around the hole to help with flat spots. I started freakin out about his barely flat head, and this helped console my heart :)

Oh p.s. this is his talking face.

Those toes.

Wednesday, November 19

2 M O N T H S

Why is 2 months of pregnancy an eternity and then you blink and your baby is 2 months? It is just not fair. I have come to the conclusion that it is this way to get us to have more than one babe. 
I started feeling his new-ness fade away (since he is becoming my own personal chunky monkey) so I started holding him, almost constantly. Then I realized I created or was creating a monster. A monster that would only fall asleep on me and stay asleep if he was on me. So now, I get him to sleep, and then lay him down. It has been a couple of bad napping days (he always sleeps great at his rock n' play) but I think I am on my way to having my great sleeper back. 
Motherhood, what a whirl. Kasey always tells me "if you weren't worried about 'this' you would be worried about something else". He is so right. There is always something, but I never let it completely make me a mess-- I mean I literally look like a mess, but I don't ever get too worked up. I enjoy, thoroughly, being a mom and having this little guy in my life. 
Some Ezie-isms
-smiles are big, especially when you talk to him
-has the cutest voice in all the land--if you don't know him, you would think it was a little cry, but it is pure joy...we are working on figuring out our emotions
-had his first actual giggle yesterday while I was doing patty cake with him, talk about heart melter
-loves to look at himself in his mirror on his play mat and chat with mirror Ezra
-sleeps from 10pm-8am with one feeding at 3am
-red hair seems to be fading--new hair growing in--cant tell what color
-LOVES him some binky
-tells dad all about his day when he gets home
-graduated from size 1 diapers today, onto size 2
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect little boy for us. He brings the best spirit into our home and constantly makes my heart burst with joy, and grow a size everyday. We love you Ez man, thank you for making us parents!

Wednesday, November 5

newby photo-shoot

Okay so he was a month old, to the day, but one month is still a newborn. It was a little harder because he was awake and not so much a sleepy-sleeper head but that made for some great eye contact and more alert pictures.

Thank you SOOO much Charise for taking these for us! 
They are perfect captured pictures of our little guy that we love so much.