Friday, October 17

Rexburg Livin' (Summer 2014)

This past summer was one I will never forget and always cherish. We moved out of our place in Spokane on July 1st and headed to Rexburg for, well, pretty much the whole summer. I think it was 6 weeks when it was all said and done. It was so much fun because a couple of my sisters did the same thing. It was like a never ending family reunion and I am sure my parents really felt like it was never going to end. 

Many a fun thing happened while we were there such as my little sister, Alyssa, getting home from her mission, the Rexburg flood of 2014, we went to wicked, played far too many card games--yet I have missed that with my whole heart, and just got to plain spend time with family. 

My sister Tessa and I were three weeks apart 
(her due date was Sept 17th and mine was October 8th)
Our boys ended up being 9 days apart

Fourth of July parade 

 My parents were at a meeting and did not know how serious the rain was. Our basement flooded a little bit, but there were people in this neighborhood that had their entire basements flooded. It was terribly sad. BYU-I students got hit really hard by it too, it was crazy. My parents had mud galore in front of their house for a while. Kasey, being the amazing guy he is, worked on cleaning it up every night after he got home from studying all day. These pictures don't do justice to how crazy it was.

We were all crying-- so happy to have her back!!

We also got to spend some time in Utah with amazing friends!! Thank you Holli and Lori for a wonderful baby shower and thank you to everyone who came! I felt so loved and absolutely loved seeing everyone. So wonderful catching up with college roommates and friends. 

3 preggo girls and one who just had a babe. 

 Did a couple family dates to the temple. I love the temple and the Rexburg temple is my favorite! 
Probably because that is where Kasey and I were married. 

There is just nothing better in the world than being with family. We had such a fun summer of hanging out playing cards and being together. That will never happen again, I'm sure, so I just soaked it up and enjoyed every second of being home with my family. Thanks for an amazing summer mom and dad!

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