Friday, October 17

HAPPY one month of BIRTH-DAY

He is my best bubba and I can't imagine life without him.
I feel like he has been with us far longer than 4 weeks (an official month on Sunday--wrote that per Kasey) and I love that feeling.
He is so fun.

Right now he eats every 3 hours and at night he usually goes one 4 hour shift
(which gives me 3 hours of consecutive shut eye rather than 2 hours!)
His poor stuffy nose is getting better.
He is becoming less loud while he sleeps.
His alert and awake times usually happen once dad gets home, makes it fun for everyone.
Currently working on a sleep schedule since our feeding schedule is pretty set.
Loves white noise while he sleeps.
Enjoys his cozy warm baths.
 Caught him with his eyes crossed! So cute and hilarious

It is quite the task getting to know what he likes and what works for us. Each day I feel like I learn something new and try to adapt. I love getting to know him each day!

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