Thursday, October 16

Ezra-- Week 3 of life

I never knew I could worry about so many things and over such the tiniest of humans. I check if he is breathing, I check his temperature, I check his diaper, I make sure I got all the burps/gas out, I hope I fed him enough--wait, was that too much, I hope he feels loved and warm and happy and etc...

I understand now why motherhood is the hardest yet most rewarding experience to go through. He makes me soo happy and yet I have never been this tired in my life. Nor have I been this happy. We are having fun and figuring each other out.

His big milestone achievement this week was that his umbilical cord FINALLY fell off; the day before he was 3 weeks old, so he got his first real bath! We had just been doing wash cloth wipe downs, but once that bugger was off, it was time for a cozy bath. He enjoyed it so much. We later discovered poop in the towel we wrapped him in. We laughed pretty hard. We laugh at the funniest of things these days, all in the name of parenthood!

 First bath was a success. He loved it, his favorite part is when I wash/brush his hair.

I love baby feet!

Never too early to teach him to pray.

I could cuddle him like this forever!!

His 3 week old picture in a new outfit for the first time.

Captured a smile with the binks--sent this to dad!

 Close up to send to the aunties to show off his shirt. I love his face in this. 

He sure brings us so much joy!!
xoxo, Amber


  1. Amber he is soooooo dang cute! So precious. I love hearing how everything is going! You are the sweetest mama! XO

  2. Ok first---go to the post about when ezzy was born. The first picture on there (of your baby belly) KDH is totally checking you out! 9 months pregnant and you still got it! :)
    Ps I didn't get a baby picture on my phone today so thanks for all the blog posts! I know you did it juuuust for me! ;)