Wednesday, October 15

Ezra--Week 2 of life

I really don't know what pictures are from week 1, 2, or 3. I should have been better at updating my blog or keeping the pictures separated. After my mom left (saturday morning) Kasey and I had the weekend alone. I was zoo nervous but we all did great-- and survived! Then Monday afternoon, week two, we got to have Kasey's parents come stay with us. They cooked and cleaned and helped with night shifts, it was such a great help to have! They also helped me go to appointments also, since I was not to carry anything heavier than 10 pounds. They left Friday afternoon--thanks for coming, we were blessed to have ya here.

So this meant the beginning of us three alone. Not just the weekend but for real now. So scary, so exciting, and less sleep for us, all Ezra does is sleep, hence most the pictures of him are sleeping ones.

He worse socks on his hannies until we actually got the baby mittens. His hands are so frantic and scratch his face too much. Too sad, so we had to cover em up!

Isn't this the finniest/most dramatic yawn you have ever seen? He looks like he 
is screaming, nope just an Ezra yawn!

Well we found out who Ezra's doppelgänger is--his dad. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this picture of Kasey as a babe and then Ezra next to him. I think there are so similarities he has to me, but by golly not as many as he has with Kasey. I am totally fine with it, goes to show how handsome little Ezzy is. Also--we are so excited to see how his hair turns out. Sometimes it looks blonde but in the sunlight it is definitely red. So we will wait and see what his hair deciders to do! His eyes seem to be going blue, which is what we figured they would do.

It is so fun watching him grow and change. He is already so different than he was at birth and his first week of life. We love him!

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