Wednesday, October 15

Ezra--Week 1 of life

We were so lucky to have Grandma (my mom) come into town the day after Ezra was born.
She got to stay for a week and I wish she could have stayed forever...time for me to move by her.
There really is nothing like having your mom at your side to answer every question and take some night shifts :)

We did some fun stuff his first week of life.
We went to target when he was only a couple days old and then we went to pikes market place to celebrate his 1 week and to show my mom Seattle. We had to buy some flowers--that beautiful bunch was only $5. Look how cute my mom is!
 I do not feel that I was properly warned for just how hard the first week of having a newborn is. It is some serious real hard stuff. Maybe it was harder for me because I struggled so much with getting the hang of breastfeeding (it didn't become better until week 3 by the way). So it was so great to have my mom there to help me emotionally and physically. I do not remember much from the first week and it is probably because we did not do much but snuggle, eat, change diapers, sleep (sometimes), and chat. Thank you for coming mom. You can come back now....
 Every single nurse I had would say to my mom, you are too young to be the mom/grandma, you look like her sister. I have one cute hip momma! Love you mom, couldn't have survived without you. Ezra misses you--I guess I do too. So come back? :)

xoxo, Amber

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