Tuesday, July 15

Third Trimester - - Boom Baby

I am 28 weeks today (don't have a picture yet) and I have considered myself to be in my 3rd trimester for a week now, but every book and person say something different.

 It is amazing the changes one experiences going from 1st to 2nd and then to the final 3rd trimesters. I was happy to get out of the first due to morning (all day) sickness. Even though it continued slightly into the second-- for the most part I was great in my second trimester. Didn't need as many naps, wasn't too big yet, had significantly more energy than in my first, etc. I can totally see why it is the most blissful stage of pregnancy.
[25 weeks]
 Then over night the 3rd trimester hit. I am getting bigger which means so is he, which then means his little cute jabs are more, well, breath-taking, yet still amazing. But, boy oh boy I think he will be a strong karate kid! Heartburn has come on stronger and so has that dreaded momsomnia. I am still exercising and feeling relatively good, but I can feel a significant difference from second to third trimesters.
[26 weeks]
Even with the aches and pains I am able to realize what a miracle this baby is and how absolutely amazing our bodies are. I mean, come on, who knew my belly could really stretch to these places it has never been before. Seriously though, I can see the scar in my belly button, never thought that day would come. 

I learn something new nearly everyday and it is amazing. I have a little less than 3 months to go. I can not wait to see this little guy of ours. To snuggle and cuddle and kiss and squeeze him. Oh what a day it will be. 
[27 weeks- - last week]
Can't believe I am sharing these pictures. I am usually not ready when I take them. 
I should get better at that. 

Last night I was showing my sisters what Kasey looked like as a baby, trying to get an idea of what our guy will look like. So I put a picture of both of us as babies next to each other. Here is what we have to look forward to. (A little squish ball)


  1. Soo exciting! You look as beautiful as ever. ��

  2. You look great and I can't wait for you to experience the joys of motherhood! You will be such an amazing mother!

  3. I'm so happy & excited for you Amber! You are going to be an incredible mom. Feels like just yesterday we were in the pregnancy class together. :)

  4. You are gorgeous and I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!! How fun that your having a little boy!!!!