Tuesday, July 15

My boys and me (written 4.21.14)

I had always envisioned myself having girls. This is probably due to the fact that I have 9 sisters and only 2 brothers. I figured it would be a good fit for my girly girl side and it was a huge plus that its what the Mr. was dreaming of too.

But when we found out that a little Kasey was joining our family, it just felt right. He is going to be the big protecting brother. The example to his younger siblings. The first one to serve a mission. The one to play sports with his dad. The one to make me laugh. The one that makes us parents for the first time. What joy all of these thoughts bring to my heart.

I have always thought I would have a girl first, but now that I know my baby is a boy, its perfect. We can't wait to welcome him to the family this October. He is growing healthy and big (I am measuring 6 days early) and that's exactly what I love to hear.

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