Wednesday, May 21

Happy Halfway

Well technically I celebrated my happy halfway--20 weeks--yesterday. 
And when I say celebrated I mean, spent majority of the day in bed. Sick.
You see, I have come to the conclusion that I am not THE best preggo person that ever lived. 
I have been getting terrible headaches for the past week and I still have morning sickness.

What. The. Heck.

I thought I was healed, but come to find out it is only because of my special/miracle concoction of 
a B-6 vitamin and half a unisom pill that I take every night. I guess it really works because on monday night I decided I didn't need to take it, then spent majority of yesterday paying for that choice. 
(Throwing up everything, not being able to eat, headache on top of all of it..that kind of paying for it.)

Well good thing I have one perfectly amazing husband. 

I watch a little 6 month old and had her yesterday and thought I was going to die (welcome to motherhood??). About 15 minutes after she got here, I hear keys going into the door and then the door opening... Say whaaaa? He is home?? He never gets home at 12:30 from school. Plus he walked in with flowers and a treat (that obviously wasn't and still hasn't been eaten) to "celebrate" 20 weeks. I had been praying all morning for a special blessing to just feel better.

 It is funny how blessings work sometimes. It wasn't the blessing I was praying for, but when he walked in I knew my prayers had been heard and this was the answer. He came in and got her to sleep and then rubbed my back/neck till I fell asleep got me food and water and then when she got up he got her and was got everything ready to feed her. Then he played with her the rest of the day. 

Not only was it a blessed miracle for me because I was so sick but it was the sweetest thing to see him act like a dad. I know our little boy will be in good hands with him. 

[I  had to show the mason jar he put it in, even though we do in fact have vases]

I am sure you mothers out there know this but I didn't know he could become so much more attractive in the role of a dad, but he sure did. I can't wait to see him with our guy in October.